Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q 1. Where are your all stands?
  2. Q 2. What is the timing?
    Our Timing is 8 A.M to 8 P.M Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday and National Holidays. We are working for limited hours due to current situation, please visit home page for latest timinigs.
  3. Q 3. What is the fare?
    Fare is calculated on time slots of 60 minutes or part thereof, cost of per time slot is just Rs. 10/-. Long term fare starting with Rs. 22/-per day (Minimum charges for one week for every transaction).
  4. Q 4. What will I do for taking the Bicycle?

    Download GreenRide App from (AppStore) (Playstore) and complete the registration process. Your registration will be instantly activated. Recharge in the multiples of Rs. 50/- online only and enjoy ride. Please note, amount once recharged is non refundable. No Cash, No Documents, No Security deposit.

  5. Q 5. Can we take the Bicycle for week or month basis?
    Yes, Now we provide the Bicycle for long terms also. Rental starting Rs. 22/- per day (Minimum one week for every transaction).
  6. Q 6. Is there any provision for taking the Bicycle before and after your mentioned time?

    No, it’s not possible to issue/ deposit the Bicycle before and after our time.

  7. Q 7. Can we purchase the Bicycle?
    No, we do not sell bicycles.
  8. Q 8. What is the maximum time for taking the Bicycle?
    Cycles are not issued 30 minutes before closure time and cycle should be deposited 15 minutes before closing time.
  9. Q 9. Do you take any I'd proof for the registration?
    No, there is no need of I’d proof for the registration. Registration is an online, automated, paperless process. After registration you can use the Bicycle.
  10. Q 10. Can we take more than one Bicycle on one registration?

    You can take only one Bicycle on one registration.

  11. Q 11. After damaging the Bicycle, can we repair that from our side?
    We don’t give the Bicycle to the customer for repairing. We have Bicycle maintenance team for the repairing. Customer have to pay for the damages.
  12. Q 12. If I have taken the Bicycle and Bicycle have been lost then what will you take from us?
    If Bicycle lost by the customer then customer must pay Bicycle cost of Rs. 5000.
  13. Q 13. What is the mode for doing the payment?
    Recharge can be done online only.
  14. Q 14. What is the minimum amount of recharge?

    Minimum recharge amount is Rs 50.

  15. Q 15. Will I have to submit any security money for taking the Bicycle?

    No, we don’t take any kind of security money from the customer.

  16. Q 16. Is it compulsory that I should drop the Bicycle on same stand?

    No, It’s not compulsory. you can pick the Bicycle from anywhere and can drop any other stand of GreenRide.

  17. Q 17. Can I do the registration with laptop?
    Registration can be done thru GreenRide App only
  18. Q 18. Do you give the Bicycle for events or rallies?
    We provide the Bicycle for riding to individual users only.
  19. Q 19. If I want to change the registered mobile number what should I do?
    For changing the mobile number you have to pay Rs. 100.
  20. Q 20. While driving if I had an accident then what will you do?
    We are not responsible for accident or untoward incident.
  21. Q 21. Which type of Bicycle do you provide?
    It’s unisex, without gear, pedal bicycle.
  22. Q 22. Can I use my friend's registration for taking the bicycle?
    No, You must register yourself for using the service. Transfer of service is not allowed.
  23. Q 23. Do you provide the bike or scooty?

    No, we only provide the bicycles.