Save energy! Make sure all (or most) of the lights in your house have energy-saving bulbs, and always turn off any lights that aren’t needed.”

GreenRide Says

Go Green There is no Planet B


Don’t trash. Don’t throw away toys, books, CDs, etc. that you don’t want or need anymore – take them to your local charity shop. If that isn’t possible, Recycle! Make sure your family recycles everything possible.

Save Environment

If you want to live a few more years,
Start doing it today save environment.

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Save water. Simple ways to save water includes: Turning off water while you brush your teeth and filling a glass with water to rinse your mouth.
Using a bowl of clean water instead of running the taps to rinse plates.
Buying a water butt (a barrel for collecting rainwater, especially from drainpipes), and using this to water plants.
Taking short showers instead of baths or long showers.

Save Resources

It is not really what you have,
But how you manage what you have.


Re-use whenever possible. Take along cloth bags next time you go to the market; use paper trash as scrap paper.
Use Non motorized vehicle to commute short distances like BICYCLE instead of private vehicles.

Say No to Pollution

Be A Part of The Solution,
Not Part of The Pollution.