We Work On The Concept
  1. What is
    • GreenRide is an initiative to make India a green & clean Country.
    • Working towards providing public bicycle sharing service across various cities in the Country.
    • Our unique service allow users pick cycle from any of our stands and deposit to other stand near their destination.
    • We provide hassle free, convenient and environment friendly mode of transport to our users.
    • No more hassle of driving own vehicle for short distances, just pick a bicycle from anywhere and drop anywhere.
  2. How it works
    • GreenRide is a tech enabled, cashless and user friendly service. It enable users to easily rent a bicycle and enjoy their ride.

      Simple steps to get a cycle from a GreenRide stand:

      • Visit any GreenRide cycle stand in any city.
      • Show QR Code on GreenRide App to attendant.
      • Ride your cycle and enjoy the journey.
      • Reach and deposit the cycle on destination GreenRide stand.
      • Fare will be automatically deducted and cycle deposited.
      • Feel proud for doing your bit for environment and relax.
  3. How you can

    To Become a proud family member of GreenRide, just follow the simple steps:

    • Download GreenRide App from Google Play Store/ Apple App Store
    • Complete the very small registration process in App
    • App got instantly activated
    • Do your Recharge and start using GreenRide Cycles
  4. Why cycle
    • Whether it’s to boost your fitness, bank balance or an environmental choice. Taking up cycling could be one of the best decisions you can ever make.
    • Cycling to nearby places or to your office is one of the easiest way to fit exercise into your daily routine.
    • Cycling is one of the easiest ways to boost your overall health. It increases blood circulation in body, helps in building of new brain cells, stimulates body’s immune system and keep diseases at bay.
    • No fuel required, no high cost of maintenance, no regular parking charges.
    • Reduced doctor bills and thus keeps your bank balance shining.
    • Contribution for Hamari Dharti Hari-Bhari Dharti.